Top 9 John Carpenter Films

john carpenter2 Top 9 John Carpenter Films
john carpenter Top 9 John Carpenter Films

John Carpenter screened his newest film, The Ward, this week at TIFF and early reports suggest that it is good. THANK GOD! From 1974-1988, John Carpenter had one of the most amazing streaks in the history of filmmaking (he also wrote a lot of the music for his films, including the Halloween theme). The 22 years that followed They Live weren’t very kind to the sci-fi/horror master. Sincerely hope The Ward is able to deliver.

Here are some of my favs…

Dark Star 1974

Assault on Precinct 13 1976

Halloween 1978

Escape From New York 1981

The Thing 1982

Starman 1984

Big Trouble In Little China 1986

Prince of Darkness 1987 (his most underrated film)

They Live 1988