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The Fox Theatre Before The Renovation »

A shot from the balcony of the Fox Porno Theatre. (Note the toilet paper dispenser.) As you may be aware, the Arrival Agency and David Duprey have begun renovations at the Fox Theatre on Main Street. For posterity’s sake, here are some photos of the inside of the last porn theatre in Vancouver. This is [...]

Everything you wanted to know about those Mohinder tags for the Georgia Straight »

Property crime is no laughing matter unless Mohinder spray-paints a building, and then it’s kind of hilarious. I first saw this oddly endearing tag—his name crudely drawn in all caps—pop up back in April. Since then, it’s been impossible not to notice these audaciously placed chicken scratches on overpasses, awnings, walls, and the odd cube [...]

Food Cart Fest Website »

Recently got a website up for Food Cart Fest.

Arrival Agency Website »

Recently launched a new website for the Arrival Agency.

Juicy J review for the Georgia Straight »

It was Saturday night and the curious suburban mating ritual of getting done up, hopping a SkyTrain to Granville Street, then drinking so much you vomit all over yourself was in full effect. In a sold-out Commodore Ballroom, Jägerbombs were lined up, joints were rolled, and ass cheeks were poised to clap in anticipation of [...]

Friends Forever performed by Dragon Sound from Miami Connection »

Nuba Website »

I recently help launch a brand new website for Nuba. It’s one of my favourite restaurants in the city and the people that operate the Nuba group are some of the most standup folks I know. Currently, I’m helping them with web and marketing on an ongoing basis so be sure to check them out. [...]

Above & Beyond for the Georgia Straight »

If you put a lot of stock in popularity contests, as one should, Above & Beyond might be EDM’s prom king. Since the London-based group—consisting of Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness, and Paavo Siljamäki—formed in late 1999 they’ve been a perennial top 10 finisher on DJ Mag’s Top 100 list, been two-time winners of BBC Radio [...]

Lady Gaga reviewed at Rogers Arena for the Georgia Straight »

Without question, Lady Gaga is the best pop star of our time. Twenty-six-year-old Stefani Germanotta’s songs are wonderfully infectious, her videos are mesmerizingly artful, and her outlandish style is unfuckwithable. The world’s most popular tweeter is panache perfect and it’s impossible to avert your eyes. Simply calling her a “young Madonna” needs to end, as [...]

Zomboy reviewed at Fortune Sound Club for the Georgia Straight »

There were at least three young men wearing shirts emblazoned with “Suck My Dick” in attendance at the Zomboy show. Sure, there was a lot of what pickup artist extraordinaire Mystery would refer to as peacocking going on in the pretty packed Fortune Sound Club. Bridge-and-tunnel EDM enthusiasts were decked out in shirts with blinking [...]

Snow Patrol and Liam Gallagher’s High Flying Birds at Rogers Arena »

When asked how his night was going, the beer man petulantly responded with, “unbelievably slow,” as he took $18 for two thimbles of Alexander Keith’s. To say the co-headlining gig with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and Snow Patrol at Rogers Arena was sparsely attended is an understatement as the place felt empty. One can’t [...]

Madonna MDNA Tour Review for The Georgia Straight »

Is Madonna still relevant in 2012? One could certainly make the case that the 54-year-old Queen of Pop doesn’t deserve that moniker anymore as the crown now belongs to Lady Gaga. Madge’s latest album MDNA stalled well short of platinum, and she hasn’t delivered a timeless hit single since “Hung Up” from Confessions on a [...]

Is Trap EDM’s New Dubstep? »

Remember when The Tyee reported that dubstep is the new heavy metal? Well if dubstep is now heavy metal, then trap is the new dubstep. This summer, it seems like you couldn’t step into a club without hearing it. You also couldn’t listen to a song on YouTube without reading, “Yo, listen to my trap [...]

Beats Antique – Georgia Straight »

Beats Antique is an in-demand act for end-of-the-world parties. On December 21, 2012, when Earth will be obliterated, Beats Antique will be playing next to the pyramids at a festival in Egypt. Not only that, they got invited to gig at the Mayan pyramids in Mexico on the 21st as well. “We decided that the [...]

Kaskade throws an audience-pleasing eviction party in Vancouver – Georgia Straight »

“Yeah, tonight I turn it up to 11 just to piss off the one neighbor that has moaned for over a decade to get this place closed,” tweeted superstar DJ and producer Kaskade before hitting the stage Saturday at the PNE Forum. The one neighbour he was referring to is Barry Sharbo, a curmudgeonly fella [...]